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Are you a business or a customer?

KiKa is an online payment service,
that could save you up to 90% of your payment fees.


We strive to make payments as seamless as possible, for your business and your customers.

You can tailor the customer experience to your own brand and easily integrate any of the three KiKa products with your systems.

KiKa is simple to set up and our team will be on hand to help you whenever you need it.

Our products

Single payments

  • You can use Kika to take payment for one-off transactions.
  • It’s easier than a card payment for your customers.
  • You’ll save money on fees and the payment will appear in your account within minutes.

Used by:

  • eCommerce websites
  • marketplaces
  • telecoms
  • any business requiring a one-off payment

KiKa single payments can save you up to 90% on your card payment fees.

Recurring payments

  • You can use KiKa to take recurring payments for ongoing subscriptions or contracts.
  • It’s much easier to set up than a direct debit and will save you money on fees.

Used by:

  • utilities companies
  • SaaS providers
  • subscription businesses

KiKa recurring payments can save you money on direct debit fees and save you time on admin.

Bulk payments

  • KiKa can be used to make payments in bulk to suppliers, customers and employees.
  • This makes it easy for you to provide refunds to a large group of people at once.

Used for:

  • refunds
  • payroll
  • supplier invoices

KiKa bulk payments can save you up to 40% on BACS processing fees, with money transferred instantly.

We’d love to chat to you about how we can speed up payments and cut costs for your business.

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KiKa is a secure new service that’s shaking up the world of online payments.

It’s designed to make paying online easier and to give you more control over your finances.

KiKa works with banks and businesses to streamline payments between them.

It’s free for customers to use and is completely secure because we don’t share your data and payments are made via Faster Payments.

We’re strictly authorised by the Financial
Conduct Authority
and listed with Open
, which is funded by nine of
the UK’s biggest banks.

So you can feel confident that all transactions are 100% secure.

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