About Us

We created KiKa to shake up online payments.

In 2018, in response to the open banking changes in the UK, we started work on KiKa.

We identified an opportunity to make the world of online payments fairer for everyone. We wanted to provide a cost-effective payment service for businesses, while giving customers more visibility and control over their payments. With those goals in mind, we created KiKa.

KiKa has continued to develop and launched to the public in 2020.

We don’t access or share any personal data during the payment process.

We’re authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and listed by Open Banking , so you can rest assured that all details are 100% secure.

What is open banking?

KiKa uses open banking technology to deliver a fair, fast and secure payment service.

In 2015, a new set of European banking regulations was introduced, known as ‘open banking’.

The UK Competitions and Markets Authority created the Open Banking Implementation Entity, funded by the 9 largest UK banks, to define the UK’s open banking standards. The standards launched in 2018.

Our partners

We’re listed by the OBIE as an official third party provider.

We work closely with Mastercard, which connects us securely to the UK’s banks and building societies.

MOHARA is our product, technology and investment partner, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to Kikapay.

Meet the team

Philip Godden

Head of product, co-founder

Philip is a qualified accountant and an experienced finance and technology consultant. He’s spent 20+ years leading tech-driven corporate change programmes. Before KiKapay, Philip worked for Ernst and Young in their technology advisory practice, advising high-value clients like JCB and GE Energy. Philip steers our product development, helping us deliver the best possible experience for our clients and their customers.

Chris Moore

Head of commercial, co-founder

Chris has 15 years experience in senior positions in the payments field. He’s had stints as head of advisory for European payments at Ernst & Young and business development director for TSYS International, a market-leading payment solution provider. Chris has demonstrated success in managing commercial operations and delivering payment solutions for clients. Chris leads the sales and operations for KiKapay, supporting the business growth.

Etienne Smith


Etienne is an experienced CTO with a background in engineering and data science. He has a wealth of experience in taking products to market, having led tech strategy and implementation for several finance startups. He also consults on multiple client projects for MOHARA, a digital innovation agency and startup investor that works closely with KiKapay. Etienne is the driving force behind the technical team, ensuring that our products are easy for our clients to implement and our customers to use.

Tom Jenkinson

Product manager

Tom has experience in developing and launching products across several industries. He’s an expert at keeping projects on track, with an eye for the detail as well as the big picture. He coordinates the content, design, development and launch of each KiKa product. Tom is responsible for ensuring that each new product and client implementation works exactly as it should.

David Skinner

General counsel

David has been a commercial lawyer for over 25 years, specialising in all aspects of technology. He’s worked on payments, SaaS, data protection and digital platforms for banks and financial services providers, including Deutsche Bank and RSA. He now runs his own law firm but was previously a partner at the leading global firms Morrison & Foerster and Shaw Pittman. David provides KiKa with legal guidance, making sure that we’re always adhering to the strict industry regulations.